15. Sep 2021

ESGENA webinar 'An era of artificial intelligence'

Watch the complete ESGENA webinar 'An era of Artificial Intelligence - Maximising effectiveness of AI and its implication on therapy: a nursing perspective'. The event was chaired by Ulrike Beilenhoff and Prof. Helmut Neumann and covered the following topics:

- AI in Endoscopy
- Detection & Characterisation
- How hygiene and endoscope care can make a difference
- Tissue treatment - resection devices and indications

It took place on July 22nd, 2021.

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09. Aug 2021
ESGE Fujifilm webinar 'Evolving the upper GI quality toolkit'

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01. Aug 2021
Klaus Weiß about G-EYE in combination with CAD EYE

Klaus Weiß, head of department St. Vinzenz-Hospital, talks about using G-EYE in combination with CAD EYE.

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